Gas Heating

For heating, cracked or rotted out heat exchangers are one of the big dangers.  Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a product of fuel combustion and is exhausted from the unit outdoors.  If a heat exchanger has compromised integrity, it has the ability to leak.  When CO is able to leak into the conditioned space it can cause serious injury or death.  Be sure to have your equipment inspected every year for a safe and worry free winter. 

Dirt and carbon build up on the units safety sensors can cause the unit to malfunction or even worse, cause fire.  Having your heating unit cleaned every year is not only a good idea to reduce breakdowns, but can also help keep the unit in safe working order. 


Air Conditioning

On the flip side, commercial A/C units run much longer seasons and work much harder throughout the year.  They are also in much harsher locations, requiring coil cleaning to be performed more often or annually.  This should only be done by a qualified technician.  One that has knowledge of where electrical and refrigerant pipe components are located and how they need to be treated during coil cleaning.  Coil cleaning consists of coil cleaning chemicals (as needed) and power washing.



Exhaust fans are in most commercial spaces and require maintenance too!  Checking bearing and motor lubrication, belt tension and cleanliness of intake and exhaust points should be done on an annual basis.  Having a dirty intake or exhaust point, or a loose belt can cause the unit to consume up to 80% more energy than needed.  If you are looking for a new exhaust fan or to replace and old one that has seen better days, we can help you there as well.

Dust collection and process equipment ventilation is under our umbrella here at Weaver Mechanical.  We have partnered up with one of the best in the field, B&B Sheet Metal.  This way we can unsure that no matter what size system you need, or services performed, we can make sure you are well taken care of.