Service is a very large part of our business.  We were built on honest repairs and repeat customers.  This means that when we come to your home or place of business, we are there to provide a cost effective solution to your current issue at hand.  This may include a repair or a recommendation towards replacement of out dated, tired and inefficient equipment.  With over 10 years experience installing and servicing HVAC-R equipment you can count on a job well done.  We like what we do and look forward to continuing to do the same.

Our A/C service is second to none in the field.  We ensure that the refrigerant charge is dialed into a super-heat and sub-cooling calculation for premium efficiency of your system.

This goes for your refrigeration system as well.  All refrigerant charges are contingent on the circumstances of the situation. All package or enclosed equipment will specify a certain charge for a system.  Others have to be calculated and adjusted to the situation at hand.

Electrical wiring of controls and circuitry is one area that we pay special close attention to.  When it comes to wiring, the details can make the difference between a disaster and a plan coming together, and I love it when a plan comes together.  

Your heating equipment is no different in our eyes.  There is a projected rate of heating and we want that piece of equipment to be able to provide that heat at designed levels. 

Ductwork is something that is often over looked and under cut in the business.  We make a lot of our own duct here.  We also have the ability to make custom ducts and fittings.  Ductwork needs to be sized and sized properly, over or under sizing of ducts can turn a high efficiency system into an energy hog.  It can also cause hot and cold rooms, or just flat out poor heating or cooling.   While not everyone wants to rip out walls to replace their ducts, there are other options to combat those issues with out doing a whole home renovation.