We can offer you a complete system replacement or just a quick fix to get you up and running.  When a system or section of a system gets replaced we ensure that all of your needs and wants are met to your standards.  We want to ensure the utmost possible comfort.  We guarantee that when installing a furnace or air conditioning system in a home, that we follow all of the manufactures recommendations for accessories and the equipment.  This is for several reasons.  First and foremost is to have a proper running system, and to make sure it runs as efficiently as possible.  Second is to get the full length and value out of the manufactures warranty for the piece of equipment.  Amana offers an outstanding limited warranty coverage.  Amana has provided a long term solution in creating appliances that have made indoor living hassle -free.  All of our work complies with all city and village codes.

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Home sweet home, right?  Or do you have something like this in your basement or mechanical room?  This system is not only outdated, but extremely inefficient and costing A TON of money to keep running.  

"It over heats sometimes, others times it's just way to cold in the house."  

"The A/C never shuts off on a hot day, and the house won't get any cooler then 80*."  

"Its as loud as a freight train and keeps me up at night when it clunks on and off.  And you never can read what temperature it is on those old turn dial mercury bulb thermostats.  Is there anything better out there?"


Well, we can offer you a 97% gas efficient furnace with a variable speed blower motor.  No more clunking on and off, you will only hear the quiet whisper of the air at your vents.  It will slowly ramp up/down as needed per the systems operations.  The motor is an ECM style that is 70% more efficient then old clunky.  A matching cased evaporator coil with TXV (thermal expansion valve) will regulate the refrigerant flow to optimize the heat absorption, making sure the A/C doesn't have to work as hard.  A/C has come along way in the last few years, with inverters and 2 stage condensing units.  Up to 18 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) with conventional split systems, or up to 24 SEER with ductless split units.  You can now set your thermostat to a comfortable setting, and keep the energy bills at a minimum.  WiFi, touchscreen, programable or just a simple digital thermostat can make such a difference on how you use your home comfort systems, and are very user friendly.  Local energy suppliers often offer large rebates for high efficiency systems and programable thermostats as well.